Life’s better in tune.

We use music to determine personality traits. That means we can give people genuinely relevant choices across all content formats. Where appropriate, we can also use music to further enhance those choices, turning good into better and better into best, across a wide range of activities.

Personalised choices

Patent protected

Delivers in real time

In context

No geographic or cultural barriers

Bypasses privacy issues

Utilizes three R&R engines and delivers a 360-feedback loop

across three R&R product / services.


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“Finding relevant content of any description in today’s world is like trying to find a needle in an infinite number of rapidly expanding haystacks.”

Whatever your needle might be – it could be the right car, the perfect vacation, etc our mission is to remove the haystacks, and deliver your needle.

We are effectively giving the user control of their data and letting them make choices about how it’s used; we determine personality types and intents via a scientifically proven method, which has been peer reviewed and subjected to rigorous field-testing; those personality traits add depth to data analysis, and allows us to treat customers as individuals not numbers.

In short, while the ability to understand and interpret the detail of human existence has never been greater, digital services still base their offerings on relatively outdated interpretations of human behavior.

Brands are seeking to build privileged 1-to-1 relationships with new and existing customers, our system delivers on this, by enhancing everyday activities, driving deeper engagement, improving time spent on individual activities, thus enabling brands to better understand and communicate with their customers.

At present, web-based advertising operates by tracking a user’s page views and the items on which they click, and then using this to make inferences about the products and messages likely to be of interest. This has caused many media commentators to voice concerns surrounding privacy. One advantage of ad serving by our engine is that the advertising content is based solely on the information that the user chooses to share. The latter is the only information collected, and so circumvents many objections to online advertising based on privacy.


“We use the power of music to determine personality identification and in turn behavioral traits. We then use the power of music to alter state of mind, which is a variable, based on their behavioral traits which tend to be constant.”


Music is a universal language that doesn’t need to be taught in order for it to be understood. It has a very powerful impact on us – we relate to it in a very honest, transparent and emotional manner.
It doesn’t just affect emotions, it can have a profound physical effect on you too, from the hairs on the back of your neck all the way to your heart-rate, mirroring the same adrenaline rush you get when your survival instincts kick in.This makes it the purest and most powerful tool for determining personality.After all, you can try to present yourself in a certain light, but you can’t game your emotions and instincts.

Mankind has developed a greater understanding of the way that the brain works, and in particular the way that it responds to the
stimulus of music. Put simply, music activates the same part of the brain that mankind relies on for its survival, triggering responses around food and reproduction among other things. It is part of each human’s hardwiring to crave music, and as a result, every person on the planet consumes it in some way or another.

How it works?

Award Winning Technology

TCC Innovation Award GSM

MWC ‘Global Wireless Innovator

TechRadar’s Top 5 Amazing Tech

Harvard Business Case Study,

New York Times’ ‘Bold Inventions List’.


R&R’s products and services are based on award winning patented algorithmic technology that has been specifically designed to mirror the way the brain processes, stores and reacts to sound.

We intend to catalogue every piece of music available to us on the Internet – not just major label collections, or the same old music that you hear everywhere, but ALL music, wherever it lies.

Place your column short codes in between these tags Million tracks listened to and analyzed,

thousands more everyday.

Tracks dissected each into 5-second slices or less.

We have now analysed 75 Million and are ingesting and analysing at the rate of 6 million a week.

By collating, correlating and sonically comparing every track, our AI engine – we call him Harry – has effectively developed a music brain like no other. He knows what every piece of music in the world sounds like, he knows how it compares sonically to every other piece, and he knows exactly where he has put it so that he can go and retrieve it later if he needs to.


Avoids narrow restrictive meta data

Wisdom of the crowd regurgitates same 150,000 tracks

Accesses anywhere on the long tail

Details on millions of tracks not thousands

To place our abilities into some context, we can interrogate the music brain in any way we want, we just need to apply rules
generated by us or at the bequest of our partners. Shazam knows which track is being played but unlike us they don’t know anything about the characteristics of the track. Pandora took 8 years to curate 1.8 million tracks, we can apply rules and deliver the equivalent in a week.

With greater music knowledge across all genres, geographies and languages (not just the same old hits), and with a better
understanding of the needs of the human body and brain than any other system, R&R is perfectly positioned to activate the parts of the brain known as the subcortical nuclei that actually enhance the value of our lives.


Everyone has unique tastes

Everyone reacts in a unique manner

Everyone has unique life experiences

Personalized Choices

Endless array of content and products

Predict likely consumption

Our Personality and Behavioral Trait engine is based on the life’s work of the world’s leading music psychologist Professor Adrian North, who has granted us exclusive rights in perpetuity. Professor North and his colleagues have published 100s of articles on the subject and advised and demonstrated to many companies globally the power of music and human behavior in relation to bottom line returns. He has scientifically tested his hypotheses on over 36,000 people to prove its validity.

He recognized that our music brain offered unparalleled breadth and depth and would bring his life’s work to life. Together his team and the R&R AI team have collaborated to integrate the personality engine into all that we do. Our offering is a simplistic example of what is possible.

That means we can offer actionable insight and predictions on an almost endless array of consumer choice and behavior from music to movies, from dating to dining, from reading to retail therapy, and more – such as risk assessment for banks and insurance companies. Imagine an app that both helped a driver drive safely as well as carrying out a risk assessment of the driver.

By applying business rules and logic to the analysis and data we obtain, we are able to open up multiple lines of high margin revenue lines. We see our AI engine, Harry, as a child – as intelligent and precocious as he might be, he’s still learning and developing. The better taught he is, the smarter he becomes.


(our consumer facing test bed.)