Our patented technology has been specifically designed to mirror the way the human brain listens to, and processes, music – making it possible for our profiling engine to determine your personality type and in turn make predictions and recommendations.

It works in tandem with the results of 20 years of academic research which has demonstrated that it is possible to use people’s tastes and listening habits to determine their personality type, and in turn make predictive judgements on future behaviour.

This means that from music to movies, from dating to dining, from reading to retail therapy, and more, we can give people perfectly-matched content, and offer businesses actionable insight and predictions on an almost endless array of consumer choice and behaviour.

And all together it creates the perfect 360 degree feedback loop, where recommendations are continually refined by ongoing personalisation and preference.

We’re completely platform and app agnostic, as you might expect. But we’re also supplier and service provider agnostic.

Our recommendation engine is based on artificial intelligence, and we’ve named him Harry. We see Harry as a child – as intelligent and precocious as he might be, he’s still learning and developing. The better taught he is, the smarter he becomes.

All of this means we have the capability to deliver privileged one-to-one relationships between businesses and their customers, built upon trust and relevance that’s been created for a universe of one … you.

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Because music is a universal language that doesn’t need to be taught in order  for it to be understood.

It has a very powerful impact on us – we relate to it in a very honest, transparent and emotional manner.

It doesn’t just affect emotions, it can have a profound physical effect on you too, from the hairs on the back of your neck all the way to your heart-rate, mirroring the same adrenaline rush you get when your survival instincts kick in.

This makes it the purest and most powerful tool for determining someone’s personality. After all, you can try to present yourself in a certain light, but you can’t game your emotions and instincts.



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Try it yourself